River Park is private property open to the general public during posted business hours.
Our goal is to have a center that maintains a family friendly environment at all times. By entering River Park you agree to follow the stated rules.

General Center Rules – These rules apply to the entire Center including the parking areas.

1. No solicitation (verbally or in writing) or demonstrations of any kind except as approved by management.
2. No selling or providing of any products except by the tenants of River Park.
3. No smoking except in specifically designated areas.
4. No gang clothing or activities designed to communicate gang involvement.
5. No coarse, sexually explicit or obscene language, gestures, clothing or activities. No racial, ethnic or religious slurs.
6. Except in permitted restaurants, no consumption of alcohol. No public intoxication.
7. No loud yelling, noises, music or other disruptive conduct. No harassing or intimidating of any patron. No blocking of pedestrian areas.
8. No animals are permitted other than those which are specially trained to assist physically challenged patrons.
9. No skating, skateboarding or bike riding within the pedestrian areas.
10. Cruising is not allowed on River Park property. Cruising is driving on River Park property for purposes other than picking up or dropping off patrons, looking for a parking place, or entering or leaving the parking area.
11. No reckless driving or violation of posted speed limits.
12. No parking or stopping other than in areas expressly posted for those purposes.
13. No gathering of groups in the parking area or on the roadways.
14. Parking is only for River Park patrons while visiting River Park.
15. No gathering of large groups of persons where they remain in the area for longer than fifteen minutes. Exceptions for persons waiting near the theaters holding tickets for a movie scheduled to begin within 45 minutes or when waiting for a table at a restaurant.
16. No sitting on sidewalk, planters, stairs or anything other than chairs or benches designed for that purpose.
Persons violating any of these rules will be asked to leave River Park. Failure to leave when requested could subject you to legal action to the full extent of the law and result in termination of your right to be on River Park property. Anyone committing any crime on River Park property will be subject to arrest and prosecution.

See a problem? River Park security can be reached by calling 448-0911.
We welcome inquiries, comments or concerns regarding any of the above rules. You can write to Lance-Kashian & Company at 8365 N Fresno Street, Suite 150, Fresno California, 93720 or call (559) 437-4855 or fax (559) 432-5328